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Heat Treatment: Annealing

Heat Treatment: Quenching

Heat Treatment: Stress Relief

Metal Properties: Weldability

Heat Treatment: Hardening

Heat Treatment: Normalizing

Keeping Castings Made in America: Supporting the American Foundry Industry through Entrepreneurship

Miracle in Muskegon: How the Eagle Group Replicated a MiG 17F Fighter Jet Fuel Cap in Two Days

Case Study: Converting a Fully Machined Part to an Investment Casting

Eagle CNC Technologies Welcomes Jason Clark as New VP/GM of Operations

Heat Treatment in CNC Machining

Hydrant Guard Case Study: Concept to Completion Manufacturing by The Eagle Group

Heat Treatment for Cast Products at Eagle Alloy

Introduction to Heat Treatment for Cast Parts

Robotics in Investment Casting

Metal Properties: Hardness

Metal Properties: Ductility

Metal Properties: Strength

Metal Properties: Conductivity

Join the Eagle Group at CastExpo 2022

Eagle Alloy Upgrades Casting Facilities with New Airset Sand Mixer

On-site Coaching Helps Eagle Employees Succeed

Improving Casting Production with In-House Robotics Expertise

The Benefits of Machined Part to Casting Conversion

Our Experience with ISO Re-Certification

How a New Drum Blast Eliminated a Production Bottleneck

Congratulations to Eagle Alloy's First Class of Master Foundrymen

New Video Resource: Shell Molding Process 3D Animation

Metal Properties: Corrosion Resistance

State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning for Cast Products

Revamped Facilities Reflect Our Mission

Tooling for Shell Mold Casting

Imagine a World Without Steel Casting Supply Issues

Learn to Speak Our Language: Metalcasting & CNC Machining Jargon

Weld Repair Done Right

Overview of Mechanical Properties of Metals

Eagle Alloy Unveils New Customer Training Center

Overview of Physical Properties of Metals

Staying Open Through COVID-19: Advice from an Essential Business

CNC Machining Fixed Costs: Tooling

The Eagle Group's Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Metal Properties: Introduction

New Resource for Manufacturers: CNC Machining Process Guide

What You Need to Know about Weld Repair for Steel Castings

What Is Design for Manufacturability?

Tooling for Investment Casting

Ebook for Manufacturers: Metalcasting & CNC Machining Process Guide

Introduction to Metalcasting

Understanding Casting Defects: When Is a Casting Returnable?

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Grinding

ESOP at Eagle Alloy: Sharing Company Ownership

Eagle Alloy Turns 40

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Broaching

Casting Advocates: Get to Know AFS

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Sawing

5 Ways to Tell if Casting Is the Right Manufacturing Process for Your Products

Finding the Perfect Balance: Case Study of Continuous Improvement in Cast Aluminum Fan Propeller Inspection

CAST IN STEEL: Student Teams Compete to Cast the Best Steel Viking Axe

Casting Advocates: Get to Know FAM

Join the Eagle Group at Design-2-Part in Santa Clara, CA

Casting Advocates: Get to Know SFSA

Join the Eagle Group at CastExpo 2019

The Rise of Robotics in Metalcasting and Machining

Eagle Alloy, Inc. Recognized as a John Deere “Partner-Level Supplier”

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Boring

Coming Soon: AFS Regional Student Casting Competition

Introduction to Greensand Casting

Induction Melting at Eagle Alloy

Case Study: Reverse Engineering Cast Products on an Expedited Timeline

Eagle Alloy Honored as Michigan Manufacturer of the Year

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Drilling

Manufacturing Day 2018 at Eagle Alloy: Event Recap

Designing Cast Products: High-Tech Inspection for High-Quality Parts

Designing Cast Products: 3D Modeling and Solidification Simulation Software

How Eagle Alloy's Handheld Laser Scanner Leads to Better Cast Products

Designing Cast Products: Starting the APQP Process with the Right Questions

5 Product Design Steps Your Cast Product Supplier Should Follow

Getting Started with the Eagle Group: What You Need to Know

Anatomy of Industrial Valves

Industrial Valve Types and Applications

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Milling

Stories from the Lean Manufacturing Journey

Getting Started with Permanent Mold Casting

Getting Started with Airset Casting

Join Us at the Wings of Mercy Fundraiser – Saturday, June 9th at the Muskegon County Airport

Infographic: Lean Manufacturing Timeline

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Turning

What Precision Machine Shops Do: Introduction

How Investment Casting Compares to Other Metalcasting Methods

Aluminum Casting vs. Steel Casting: Choosing the Right Alloy for Your Cast Products

Onsite Clinics: Taking Employee Healthcare to the Next Level

Investment Casting Guide Ebook: New Eagle Group Resource for Manufacturers

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing a New Metalcasting Supplier

Introduction to CNC Machining

Case Study: Lean Manufacturing at Eagle Alloy

Casting Aluminum: Comparison of Methods

Numbers Don't Lie: Eagle Companies Achieve Huge Improvements in 2017

CNC Metrology: What Can a CMM Measure?

New Eagle Group Resource Introduces Aluminum to Manufacturers

Join the Eagle Group at the Design2Part Show

Aluminum Casting in Practice: A Case Study of Cast Aluminum Fan Blades

Branding and Social Media for Manufacturers

How the Investment Casting Process Works

5 Lean Manufacturing Tools You Should Already Be Using

Introduction to Investment Casting

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

Measuring Standards: From Pharaohs' Forearms to the Speed of Light

All About Al: Choosing the Right Aluminum Alloy

Excellent Marks for Eagle Alloy, Inc.

The ABCs of ISO: Why Certifications Matter

Understanding Your Supply Chain

9 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

All About Al: Aluminum's Winning Properties

Foundry in a Box: Bringing Metalcasting to the Classroom

How Shell Molding Compares to Other Metalcasting Methods

How To Tell if Casting Is Right for Your Products

7 Essential Metrology Tools for Modern CNC Machine Shops

All About Al: Crash Course in Aluminum History

One Part's Journey from Fabrication to Casting

3 Ways Lean Manufacturing Lowers Casting Costs

8 Key Metals Used in Casting

3 Quick Tips for Buying Cast Parts

4 Reasons American Manufacturing of Cast Products Can’t Be Replaced

How Shell Molding Works: Step-By-Step Overview

Shell Mold Casting: Glossary of Terms

What Is Shell Molding?

Learn the Shell Molding Process

The Eagle Group will be at Design-2-Part

The Eagle Group at the 121st Metalcasting Congress

Lean Manufacturing and Castings

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