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    Metal Properties: Ductility

    Metal Properties: Strength

    Metal Properties: Conductivity

    Join the Eagle Group at CastExpo 2022

    Eagle Alloy Upgrades Casting Facilities with New Airset Sand Mixer

    On-site Coaching Helps Eagle Employees Succeed

    Improving Casting Production with In-House Robotics Expertise

    The Benefits of Machined Part to Casting Conversion

    Our Experience with ISO Re-Certification

    How a New Drum Blast Eliminated a Production Bottleneck

    Congratulations to Eagle Alloy's First Class of Master Foundrymen

    New Video Resource: Shell Molding Process 3D Animation

    Metal Properties: Corrosion Resistance

    State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning for Cast Products

    Revamped Facilities Reflect Our Mission

    Tooling for Shell Mold Casting

    Imagine a World Without Steel Casting Supply Issues

    Learn to Speak Our Language: Metalcasting & CNC Machining Jargon

    Weld Repair Done Right

    Overview of Mechanical Properties of Metals

    Eagle Alloy Unveils New Customer Training Center

    Overview of Physical Properties of Metals

    Staying Open Through COVID-19: Advice from an essential business

    CNC Machining Fixed Costs: Tooling

    The Eagle Group's Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus


    New Resource for Manufacturers: CNC Machining Process Guide

    What You Need to Know about Weld Repair for Steel Castings

    What Is Design for Manufacturability?

    Tooling for Investment Casting

    Ebook for Manufacturers: Metalcasting & CNC Machining Process Guide

    Introduction to Metalcasting

    Understanding Casting Defects: When Is a Casting Returnable?

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Grinding

    ESOP at Eagle Alloy: Sharing Company Ownership

    Eagle Alloy Turns 40

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Broaching

    Casting Advocates: Get to Know AFS

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Sawing

    5 Ways to Tell if Casting is the Right Manufacturing Process for Your Products

    Finding the Perfect Balance: Case Study of Continuous Improvement in Cast Aluminum Fan Propeller Inspection

    CAST IN STEEL: Student Teams Compete to Cast the Best Steel Viking Axe

    Casting Advocates: Get to Know FAM

    Join the Eagle Group at Design-2-Part in Santa Clara, CA

    Casting Advocates: Get to Know SFSA

    Join the Eagle Group at CastExpo 2019

    The Rise of Robotics in Metalcasting and Machining

    Eagle Alloy, Inc. Recognized as a John Deere “Partner-Level Supplier”

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Boring

    Coming Soon: AFS Regional Student Casting Competition

    Introduction to Greensand Casting

    Induction Melting at Eagle Alloy

    Case Study: Reverse Engineering Cast Products on an Expedited Timeline

    Eagle Alloy Honored as Michigan Manufacturer of the Year

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Drilling

    Manufacturing Day 2018 at Eagle Alloy: Event Recap

    Designing Cast Products: High-Tech Inspection for High-Quality Parts

    Designing Cast Products: 3D Modeling and Solidification Simulation Software

    How Eagle Alloy's Handheld Laser Scanner Leads to Better Cast Products

    Designing Cast Products: Starting the APQP Process with the Right Questions

    5 Product Design Steps Your Cast Product Supplier Should Follow

    Getting Started with the Eagle Group: What You Need to Know

    Anatomy of Industrial Valves

    Industrial Valve Types and Applications

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Milling

    Eagle Alloy Now Hiring in Muskegon, MI

    Stories from the Lean Manufacturing Journey

    Getting Started with Permanent Mold Casting

    Getting Started with Airset Casting

    Join Us at the Wings of Mercy Fundraiser – Saturday, June 9th at the Muskegon County Airport

    Infographic: Lean Manufacturing Timeline

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Turning

    What Precision Machine Shops Do: Introduction

    How Investment Casting Compares to Other Metalcasting Methods

    Aluminum Casting vs. Steel Casting: Choosing the Right Alloy for Your Cast products

    Onsite Clinics: Taking Employee Healthcare to the Next Level

    Investment Casting Guide Ebook: New Eagle Group Resource for Manufacturers

    5 Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing a New Metal Casting Supplier

    Introduction to CNC Machining

    Case Study: Lean Manufacturing at Eagle Alloy

    Casting Aluminum: Comparison of Methods

    Numbers Don't Lie: Eagle Companies Achieve Huge Improvements in 2017

    CNC Metrology: What Can a CMM Measure?

    New Eagle Group Resource Introduces Aluminum to Manufacturers

    Join the Eagle Group at the Design2Part Show

    Aluminum Casting in Practice: A Case Study of Cast Aluminum Fan Blades

    Branding and Social Media for Manufacturers

    How the Investment Casting Process works

    5 Lean Manufacturing Tools You Should Already Be Using

    Introduction to Investment Casting

    What Is Lean Manufacturing?

    Measuring Standards: From Pharaohs' Forearms to the Speed of Light

    All About Al: Choosing the Right Aluminum Alloy

    Excellent Marks for Eagle Alloy, Inc.

    The ABCs of ISO: Why Certifications Matter

    Understanding Your Supply Chain

    9 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

    All About Al: Aluminum's Winning Properties

    Foundry in a Box: Bringing Metalcasting to the Classroom

    How Shell Molding Compares to Other MetalCasting Methods

    How to tell if casting is right for your products

    7 Essential Metrology Tools for Modern CNC Machine Shops

    All About Al: Crash Course in Aluminum History

    One Part's Journey from Fabrication to Casting

    3 Ways Lean Manufacturing Lowers Casting Costs

    8 Key Metals Used in Casting

    3 Quick Tips for Buying Cast Parts

    4 Reasons American Manufacturing of Cast Products Can’t Be Replaced

    How Shell Molding Works: Step-By-Step Overview

    Shell Mold Casting: Glossary of Terms

    What is Shell Molding?

    Learn the shell molding process today!

    EAGLE GROUP will be at DESIGN-2-PART


    Lean Manufacturing and Castings

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