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CNC Machining Fixed Costs: Tooling

Posted by Nik Seyferth on 2020 Mar 31

At the Eagle Group, we provide full-service metalcasting and CNC machining from start to finish. Part of our responsibility as a supplier is to estimate part price for each new product. One of the largest line items affecting final part price on any job is tooling. In metalcasting, tooling often comprises patterns used to create molds and cores. In CNC machining, tooling can refer to work holding fixtures, tool holders, cutting tools or tool inserts.

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Tooling for Investment Casting

Posted by AJ Menefee on 2019 Dec 18

Tooling in metalcasting and CNC machining refers to reusable items that are specific to each job. In investment casting, tooling is considered to be wax-injection dies used to create wax patterns. If you're familiar with how investment casting works, you already know that these wax patterns form the basis of the investment casting process. Each part begins as a wax pattern, and the properties of wax – smooth surface, low melting temperature and excellent flow properties – that make highly complex investment castings possible.

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