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9 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

Posted by Nik Seyferth on 2017 Dec 12

tEfficiency is good for any business. It doesn’t matter if your company is manufacturing or service oriented. Greater process efficiency always offers a wide range of benefits over "business as usual."

On a broad level, manufacturing more efficiently can help cut costs, improve throughput and reduce environmental impact.  All of these general benefits lead to additional benefits down the road, from increased sales and quality to improved company image.

In light of the holiday season, you can think of efficiency as the gift that keeps on giving.

Read on for 9 ideas to improve manufacturing efficiency.

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All About Al: Aluminum's Winning Properties

Posted by Jim Smith, Jr. on 2017 Dec 7

Recently in our All About Al blog series we discussed aluminum's history and origins. Now we're getting deeper into why aluminum is the perfect material for manufacturing such a wide range of products.

Aluminum owes its versatility in manufacturing to a unique set of properties. These include:

  • Low melting temperature
  • Excellent malleability
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistance
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Foundry in a Box: Bringing Metal Casting to the Classroom

Posted by AJ Menefee on 2017 Dec 4


Ask a group of 5th graders what they want to be when they grow up, and you'll get a long list of answers: firefighter, detective, athlete, musician, astronaut. These (and other top kids' dream jobs) are certainly vital to our society, but as proud and forward-thinking manufacturers, we have to ask: Wouldn't you rather be a metal caster, or a machinist, or a Six Sigma coach?

Maybe the answer is "yes," but the issue is that not many kids have been asked this question. That's where programs like Foundry in a Box come in. Dedicated professionals in the manufacturing industry visit schools and introduce students to the basics of metal casting, and manufacturing careers, through hands-on projects. Programs like this not only expand students' horizons, but they're also vital to the future of manufacturing in the United States.

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How Shell Molding Compares to Other Metal Casting Methods

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2017 Nov 27

The shell mold process is unique and exhibits many advantages over other metal casting processes, but many people don’t fully understand its benefits.

In this installment of the Introduction to Shell Molding blog series, we will compare and contrast the shell mold process with investment casting and greensand casting methods.  It is important to keep in mind that all processes have their own appropriate applications. 

Based on your part's needs in terms of tolerances, production volume and surface finish, any one of these processes could be the ideal match.

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How to tell if casting is right for your products

Posted by Deb Pipoly on 2017 Nov 20

Our recent post on fabrication to casting conversion might have gotten your wheels turning. Now you're wondering, "Could my products benefit by making the switch to casting?"

If you sell, use or otherwise produce fabricated parts, there's a good chance that you could produce them better, cheaper and faster through casting. To help you decide, we've prepared a brief Part Evaluation survey.

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7 Essential Metrology Tools for Modern CNC Machine Shops

Posted by Nik Seyferth on 2017 Nov 16

Metrology is the science of measurement. In CNC machining, principles of metrology need to be applied throughout the production process to ensure that each part is machined to the right size and shape, in accordance with specified tolerances.

It’s simple enough to take a ruler or a measuring tape and mark out inches or millimeters. But measuring dimensions of CNC machined parts – many with tolerances tighter than +/- .001 inch – is a whole other ball game. When you’re dealing with measurements that small, you need to have sophisticated measuring tools, and the knowledge to use them.

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All About Al: Crash Course in Aluminum History

Posted by Jim Smith, Jr. on 2017 Nov 14

Aluminum is the third most common element on our planet. It’s by far the most abundant metal, and it’s also one of the most versatile.

Aluminum is light, strong, flexible and corrosion resistant. It can also be shaped relatively easily, in both a solid and molten state, and can be stamped to widths thinner than the human hair.

You’ll find aluminum in everything from buildings to cars, from Pepsi cans to laptops, and from power lines to bullet trains. But where does this one-of-a-kind metal come from, and how did it get to be so widely used?

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One Part's Journey from Fabrication to Casting

Posted by AJ Menefee on 2017 Nov 8


It all started on a routine facility tour

While touring a client’s facility, representatives of Eagle Precision Cast Products noticed a cable clamp assembly–a relatively complex fabricated part that they believed would be an excellent candidate for fabrication to casting conversion.

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3 Ways Lean Manufacturing Lowers Casting Costs

Posted by Jim Smith, Jr. on 2017 Oct 17

Looking to lower the cost of your casting purchases? The key is to find a foundry that incorporates lean manufacturing principles into the process. These three principles can be applied to manufacturing castings, driving down costs significantly:

  • Castability
  • Bottleneck Solutions
  • Optimizing Cycle Time
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8 Key Metals Used in Casting

Posted by Deb Pipoly on 2017 Oct 10

This blog post is about metal.

No, not that kind of metal–actual metal, like the kind that your car is made out of, that replaced your uncle's bad knee, that holds up the skyscrapers downtown, that keeps cruise ships afloat,  that built the rocket that catapulted the telecom satellite into space so you can have an internet connection, that makes up that satellite...

A lot of things are made out of metal. You get the idea. 

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