New Video Resource: Shell Molding Process 3D Animation

New Video Resource: Shell Molding Process 3D Animation

Posted by Vikki Shonkwiler on 2021 Mar 30

Eagle Alloy shell molding animation

Eagle Alloy, Inc. is proud to present our latest tool for metalcasting education. Our updated shell molding animation provides a start-to-finish overview of the shell mold casting process.

All Eagle Group companies make it a priority to educate our customers and partners on the details of our metalcasting processes. Blog posts, magazine articles and downloadable ebooks are some of the other avenues we use to spread the word.

Eagle Alloy's previous shell molding animation is already a popular tool for students and manufacturing professionals to learn the basics of shell molding. Ryan Horak, Process Engineer at Eagle Alloy, knew it was time for an update: "I thought our shell animation was due for a tune-up, especially because we're planning to get into more customer education and training. I did some research and found that other shell molding videos on the web didn't represent the process completely. Even our [original video] had some gaps to fill."

This updated video is the result of collaboration between our engineering, sales and marketing teams. We planned the entire video in-house, including storyboards and CAD files for the parts and molds. We then worked directly with an animation team that specializes in industrial 3D animation, who were able to bring our ideas to life on the small screen.

According to Jeff Cook, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Eagle Alloy, "Shell molding is an important metalcasting process, but many in the manufacturing industry aren't familiar with how it actually works. We try to use all the materials at our disposal to educate our customers, and this video is a great asset to that toolbox."

Watch the Shell Molding Process Animation below:

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Vikki Shonkwiler

Written by Vikki Shonkwiler

Vikki is Sales Technician at Eagle Alloy, Inc. in Muskegon, MI. A Hoosier at heart, she grew up in Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a double major in computer science and Spanish. She is a self-professed numbers geek—so much so that she actually enjoys doing tax preparation. When she’s not crunching numbers or managing sales teams, Vikki enjoys traveling and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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