Ebook for Manufacturers: Metalcasting & CNC Machining Process Guide

Ebook for Manufacturers: Metalcasting & CNC Machining Process Guide

Posted by Deb Pipoly on 2019 Nov 5

All Process Guide - ClosedA new ebook from the Eagle Group provides an introduction to key processes in metalcasting and CNC machining.

This 31-page document is available as a free download, and is geared toward manufacturing professionals who are interested in exploring the possibilities of casting and machining.

Starting with a brief history of metalcasting and a general description of its uses in the modern, global economy, our new ebook then dives deeper into five key casting processes: shell mold casting, investment casting, permanent mold casting, greensand casting and airset casting. We explain advantages of each process, review equipment required and discuss characteristics of final cast products.

Following a similar introduction to CNC machining, each remaining chapter focuses on a specific machining technique, including milling, turning, drilling, sawing and grinding. While more machining processes are available, these are the key techniques used by state-of-the-art CNC machining facilities. Individual chapters provide an overview of machine tools required and key uses of respective machining processes.

A comprehensive glossary provides a searchable list of terms related to each process, the equipment involved and a wide range of peripheral concepts. By offering a single resource with extensive information, we aim to improve understanding of Eagle Group manufacturing processes and their potential to produce high-quality metal parts and products.

The ebook is available as a free download. Please click below and fill out a brief form to get your copy:

Download the Metalcasting & CNC Machining Process Guide ebook


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Deb Pipoly

Written by Deb Pipoly

Deb Pipoly is President of Eagle Precision Cast Parts, an investment casting company located in Muskegon, MI.

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