Eagle Alloy Unveils New Customer Training Center

    Eagle Alloy Unveils New Customer Training Center

    Posted by Mark Hollenbeck on 2020 May 27

    Eagle Alloy Multimedia Training Center

    MUSKEGON, MI - MAY 27, 2020 – Eagle Alloy is proud to announce our newly completed Multimedia Training Center. This facility will allow us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art training to go along with our plant tours and project discussions. Groups of up to 24* can relax and take in training and introductory presentations by our Sales, Engineering, Quality and Production department staffs. 

    We offer our ‘Casting 101’ course, as well as a number of others depending on the needs of each group. We can also provide comparisons between shell mold castings and investment castings, helping you decide on the best process for your casting requirements.

    Please feel free to contact our sales department staff to assist in setting up specialized training for your company.

    *24-person capacity does not account for social distancing guidelines, which are currently in effect throughout all Eagle Group facilities.

    For more information, contact Eagle Alloy, Inc.:

    (231) 788-2351

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    Mark Hollenbeck

    Written by Mark Hollenbeck

    Mark Hollenbeck is Senior Sales Engineer at Eagle Alloy. He has been with the company since 1995.

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