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State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning for Cast Products

Posted by Nic Tarzwell on 2020 Nov 2

The Eagle Group Blog previously wrote about our handheld laser scanner, capable of processing 1-2 million individual location points to accurately measure any surface. We recently built on that capability and purchased a Keyence VL-550 3D scanner CMM. The intuitive user interface, proprietary software and raw scanning power of the new equipment means we can process samples faster than ever before. By reducing measurement time and improving ease of use, we also open up a number of opportunities for advanced quality control.

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Tags: Product Design, Development, Product Development, Measurement, 3D Scanning

How Eagle Alloy's Handheld Laser Scanner Leads to Better Cast Products

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2018 Sep 6

Product development processes vary widely from foundry to foundry. The Eagle Group's Product Development blog series aims to highlight practices used by leading foundries that prioritize quality in every part they produce.

One product development practice that sets Eagle Alloy apart from other shell molding foundries is their use of a handheld laser scanner for inspection and dimensional reporting. This technology greatly improves the accuracy of dimensional reports, and makes it easier for customers to verify that new parts meet their requirements.

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Tags: Metrology, Product Design, Development, Inspection, Product Development, Technology, 3D Scanning

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