New Eagle Group Resource Introduces Aluminum to Manufacturers

New Eagle Group Resource Introduces Aluminum to Manufacturers

Posted by Jim Smith, Jr. on 2018 Mar 1

Manufacturing with Aluminum - A Resource from Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc.Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. recently published an ebook offering insight into manufacturing with aluminum.

Manufacturing with Aluminum: History, Forming Techniques and Best Practices draws on decades of experience, taking a holistic approach to aluminum manufacturing. Weighing in at just under 25 illustrated pages, the ebook aims to fill a gap between online resources and textbooks. According to Jim Smith, Technical Manager at Eagle Aluminum, “We want to make sure anyone curious about aluminum can get all the basic information they need, without searching all over the Internet or going back to school.”

“Some of the folks we talk to such as new customers aren’t into castings, aware of our processes or differences in materials,” Smith continues, “we prepared a resource that will let staff in the purchasing department make informed decisions.”

The ebook isn’t just a gung-ho promotion of aluminum, but provides a complete picture of the versatile material’s strengths and weaknesses. From the history and discovery of aluminum to modern-day aluminum casting case studies, Manufacturing with Aluminum traces aluminum’s path as a consumable product.

Manufacturing companies interested in bringing new products to market, or looking to improve on an existing design, will benefit from the paper’s concise comparison of aluminum forming techniques, and an overview of aluminum’s physical properties in reference to other common metals. Additional information includes a comparison of aluminum alloys, and a description of three primary casting methods used with aluminum. A detailed case study then offers further insight into the process of designing and perfecting cast aluminum products.

Manufacturing with Aluminum Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Background and History
  • Properties of Aluminum
  • Aluminum Alloys
    Table 1: Comparison of Aluminum Alloys
  • Shaping Aluminum
  • Casting Aluminum
    Table 2: Comparison of Aluminum Casting Methods
  • Case Study: Permanent Mold Casting
  • When Aluminum is the Right Choice
    Table 3: Comparison of commonly casted metals
  • Glossary of Terms

Manufacturing with Aluminum is available as a free download. Click below to download the paper.

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Jim Smith, Jr.

Written by Jim Smith, Jr.

Jim Smith, Jr. is the Technical & Sales Manager at Eagle Aluminum Cast Products in Muskegon, MI. Given his father’s career as a mechanical engineer, Jim grew up in foundries and often used castings his father brought home as toys. During his college years and into his first jobs, Jim developed skills in quality, engineering and customer service. Jim joined Eagle Aluminum in 2012 as a Technical Analyst and now manages all of the company’s Technical and Sales functions.

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