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Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook is Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Eagle Alloy in Muskegon, MI. While enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves, he began working at Eagle Alloy in 1986 as a snag grinder on 3rd shift after his father told him to “Get a job!” Jeff is past President of the American Foundry Society. His passions include educating young people on the careers and advancement available in the metalcasting industry.

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Keeping Castings Made in America: Supporting the American Foundry Industry through Entrepreneurship

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2023 Oct 17

The Eagle Group is a team of manufacturing companies based in Muskegon, MI, made up of three foundries and a machine shop. Eagle Alloy, Eagle Aluminum, Eagle Precision and Eagle CNC are connected through common ownership and through common goals: while each company occupies its own niche, they often work together to provide “concept to completion” manufacturing. Beyond these four companies, Eagle Group’s owners also have stakes in OEM companies that utilize the Eagle Group’s services, but occupy altogether different spaces in the manufacturing world.

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Miracle in Muskegon: How the Eagle Group Replicated a MiG 17F Fighter Jet Fuel Cap in Two Days

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2023 Oct 2

When a star jet pilot had a missing fuel cap at the Muskegon Air Show, the Eagle Group stepped in to replicate the part in less than 48 hours.

Wings Over Muskegon took place in July, 2023 at the Muskegon County Airport. This interactive aviation experience was a revamped version of the Muskegon Air Fair, and marked the first event of its kind held in Muskegon in 17 years. Spectators enjoyed aerial acrobatics, flybys from iconic planes like the B-52 Flying Fortress, and even rides in WWII-era planes and Vietnam-era helicopters. Our very own John Workman, Eagle Group co-chairman of the board, performed at the event with his formation flying team, the Hooligans.

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How a New Drum Blast Eliminated a Production Bottleneck

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2021 Jun 2

Eagle Alloy takes pride in our reputation as a world-class metalcasting facility, and we make sure every batch of castings is ready for the customer before it leaves our facility. In most cases, the final step before packing and shipping is blasting. The blasting process removes burrs, flash and other excess metal from cast parts and improves their overall surface.

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Imagine a World Without Steel Casting Supply Issues

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2020 Jul 22

We don't have to say how good we are. Our customers do it for us!

Every six months, Eagle Alloy invites customers to fill out a survey rating their satisfaction with our services. We ask about every aspect of the supplier-customer relationship, from answering phone calls and emails to on-time delivery. Our company was founded in 1979 with a goal of providing high-quality castings and superior customer service; customer feedback is invaluable to us as we seek to better align our activities with our guiding principles.

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Staying Open Through COVID-19: Advice from an Essential Business

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2020 May 13

Operating as an essential business during the COVID-19 crisis is both an honor and a challenge. While Eagle Group companies have maintained continuous production, we have made a number of changes to our daily operations in order to maximize safety and clearly communicate new policies. Many of the lessons we've learned can be adopted by other manufacturing businesses as they prepare to reopen.

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The Eagle Group's Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2020 Mar 24

Eagle Alloy, Eagle Precision and Eagle CNC plan to maintain full production capability, even in light of the recent decision by Michigan’s Governor to close all “nonessential” businesses.

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Introduction to Metalcasting

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2019 Oct 30

This introduction to metalcasting provides a brief overview and history of the casting process, as well as an outline of common casting techniques in use today. The goal of this article is to give new manufacturers a better understanding of how metalcasting works and what steps are involved in producing cast products. By the end of the article, the reader should have a clear picture of the opportunities presented by metalcasting, and a sound appreciation for its potential as a modern manufacturing method.

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Tags: Metalcasting, Processes, History

Understanding Casting Defects: When Is a Casting Returnable?

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2019 Sep 24

Metalcasting is a modern manufacturing industry, and cast products are utilized in 90% of durable goods, from lamp posts to space shuttles. Still, no casting is perfect. Even with recent innovations in simulation and process technology, nearly every cast product will contain some level of defect. A clear understanding of casting defects is vital for any casting customer, as it helps guide realistic expectations when working with a casting facility.

While experienced casting facilities are skilled in finding a balance between cost and quality, purchasers should be closely involved in determining admissible levels of defects in deliverable products.

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Casting Advocates: Get to Know SFSA

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2019 Apr 11

In our blog series, Casting Advocates, we explore the work of organizations and industry leaders who work to elevate the metalcasting profession. Here in this first installment, we focus on the Steel Founders' Society of America.

The Steel Founders' Society of America (SFSA) was first organized in 1902, and initial meetings were a "luncheon club" attended by a handful of casting companies from the Midwest and the East Coast. After more than a century of evolution, SFSA is now a major force in promoting metalcasting competitiveness industry-wide. Today, SFSA works to provide members with the tools and knowledge to succeed in today's high-tech manufacturing environment.

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Coming Soon: AFS Regional Student Casting Competition

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2019 Jan 28

Forget about the Rose Bowl–this year's college competition to watch is coming up in February!

The AFS Wisconsin Regional Invitational Casting Competition will host casting teams from colleges and universities around the Midwest. Taking place during the AFS Wisconsin Regional Expo and Conference, the event invites student teams to present cast products they've created using school casting facilities. All projects in competition were completed by members of AFS student chapters.

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