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3 Ways Lean Manufacturing Lowers Casting Costs

Posted by Jim Smith, Jr. on 2017 Oct 17

Looking to lower the cost of your casting purchases? The key is to find a foundry that incorporates lean manufacturing principles into the process. These three principles can be applied to manufacturing castings, driving down costs significantly:

  • Castability
  • Bottleneck Solutions
  • Optimizing Cycle Time
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8 Key Metals Used in Casting

Posted by Deb Pipoly on 2017 Oct 10

This blog post is about metal.

No, not that kind of metal–actual metal, like the kind that your car is made out of, that replaced your uncle's bad knee, that holds up the skyscrapers downtown, that keeps cruise ships afloat,  that built the rocket that catapulted the telecom satellite into space so you can have an internet connection, that makes up that satellite...

A lot of things are made out of metal. You get the idea. 

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3 Quick Tips for Buying Cast Parts

Posted by AJ Menefee on 2017 Oct 3

Whether you're looking to produce a new product or save money on products you're already manufacturing, cast parts can be a great option. Metal casting has been around for over 5,000 years, and today's processes, along with cnc machining, can produce just about any part imaginable.

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4 Reasons American Manufacturing of Cast Products Can’t Be Replaced

Posted by Daniel Schwendler on 2017 Oct 2

You might have heard from politicians, journalists and even investors that American manufacturing is on the decline. Some people even go so far as to say that manufacturing jobs won't be an option within a generation or two. But you know what? They're wrong.

Those who currently work in the American manufacturing industry can clearly see that this outlook is far from the truth. In reality, manufacturing in America is thriving and will be for a long time to come. Here are four reasons why.

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How Shell Molding Works: Step-By-Step Overview

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2017 Sep 25

We've already covered the history of shell molding, as well as a list of need-to-know terminology, so now it's time to start exploring how shell molding works. Keep in mind that this post presents a brief overview. We'll describe each step in more detail as we move along in the Introduction to Shell Molding blog series.

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Shell Mold Casting: Glossary of Terms

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2017 Sep 21

If you're familiar with metal casting processes, you probably already know a lot of these words. Feel free to skip to the next post if you're feeling confident. But if you ask me, the same credo that applies to metal casting applies to learning about metal casting: "Better safe than sorry."

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What is Shell Molding?

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2017 Sep 19

In this blog series, Introduction to Shell Molding, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about shell mold casting, from history to process and beyond. Whether you’re a student, a manufacturing professional, or just curious, this blog series will answer that burning question: What is shell molding?

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Learn the shell molding process today!

Posted by Jeff Cook on 2017 May 25

Interested in learning all of the details of the shell molding process? If so, this whitepaper is for you!

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Posted by Rob Kriger on 2017 Mar 23

Eagle Group is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting in booth #358 at the Greater Chicago Design-2-Part Show www.d2p.com that is coming to Schaumburg, Illinois May 10-11, 2017.

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Posted by Rob Kriger on 2017 Feb 23
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