Eagle Alloy Now Hiring in Muskegon, MI

    Eagle Alloy Now Hiring in Muskegon, MI

    Posted by Vikki Shonkwiler on 2018 Jul 12

    Jobs in Muskegon, MI - Eagle Alloy now hiring

    Business is booming all over the American manufacturing industry, and Eagle Alloy is no exception. We're happy to announce that we're looking to take on multiple new hires in our Muskegon, MI foundry.

    Eagle Alloy isn't your average foundry. Sure, we do a lot of casting–we pour stainless steel, carbon steel and nickel alloys–but our company culture is what really sets us apart. We believe in fostering an open and inclusive atmosphere for all of our employees, and we're proud of our stellar reputation within our industry for consistently delivering quality work.

    If you're looking for jobs in Muskegon, MI, now is a great time to join our growing team of manufacturing professionals.

    Learn more about Eagle Alloy: who we are and what we do

    We offer our employees a long list of benefits (in addition to highly competitive pay). When you work at Eagle Alloy, you can expect the following:

    • ESOP. We're an employee-owned company, and that means you get a share of Eagle Alloy's profits.
    • Onsite clinics. Employees and their families can make use of free on-site healthcare without making a trip to the doctor's office.
    • 401K. Tax-free investment plans help our employees save for retirement.

    The Eagle Alloy Family - Eagle Alloy now hiringWe also sponsor dozens of charity events in the Muskegon area, so you'll have plenty of chances to have fun and give back to the community at the same time.

    Think you're ready to join the Eagle Alloy team? Take a look at the details below, and come into our office to apply in person. We look forward to meeting you!

    Open Positions: General Foundry

    Pay starts at $15/ hour with profit sharing

    Additional benefits include:

    • ESOP
    • 401K
    • Onsite health clinics for employees and family members

    Requirements and job description:

    • No specific education or experience is required.
    • The physical demands include, but are not limited to:
      • Regularly standing and walking
      • Lifting between 50 and 75 pounds regularly, often bending to do so
      • Operating a 5 to 20 pound hand grinder or tool for prolonged periods of time
    • Work environment characteristics include:
      • Regular exposure to moving mechanical parts
      • Regular exposure to odors and dust
      • Noise level is usually loud
      • Regular handling of vibrating tools
    • Applications are kept on file for 6 months.

    Apply today in person at our office at 5142 Evanston Avenue, Muskegon, MI.

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    Vikki Shonkwiler

    Written by Vikki Shonkwiler

    Vikki is Sales Technician at Eagle Alloy, Inc. in Muskegon, MI. A Hoosier at heart, she grew up in Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a double major in computer science and Spanish. She is a self-professed numbers geek—so much so that she actually enjoys doing tax preparation. When she’s not crunching numbers or managing sales teams, Vikki enjoys traveling and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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